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Jan 15 2012



So my wife calls me a Spice Snob, along with a few others that I will own up to (Sauce Snob comes to mind)

The truth is I like to use fresh ingredients, and I have learned that using fresh spices (and herbs) makes whatever I am cooking taste better. And let’s be honest, we want it to taste better.

So the other day I purchased some ginger to put in a Pineapple Chicken dish I was making and as aways I was wrapping up the Ginger root to put it back in the refrigerator when it occurred to me, there has got to be an easier way to store and preserve this stuff. I have had to throw out several roots over the past couple of years because I just don’t use them fast enough.

A quick Google search netted me a simple way to store.

1. Peal the Root as normal

2. using my micro grater – Grate the whole root onto plastic wrap

3. Roll Plastic wrap into a “Log” shape and tie ends with cooking twine

4. Place in Freezer.

And behold a Ginger Log !!!

To use I will just remove a few teaspoons full by cutting and returning to the freezer. No more wasted Ginger root.


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