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About Me

Who am I?

Professionally I am a technologist, working in the IT field currently as an Independent Contractor, check out the website at https://bennett-technologies.com. I have extensive experience in all Operating systems (Linux, Unix, AIX, Mainframe, OSX..). Along with application experience in use and administration. Not limiting my experience I have also been involved in Development / Programming, Security and Firewall, Network and Switching. As a technologist I subscribe to the notion of learning and being familiar with may different fields as they are all ultimately interconnected and knowledge of these allow for better understanding of whichever position I am currently filing.

Side Project: BadgePirates.com – As a side project (because I am not busy enough) A few of my close friends and I are running a service Designing, and Building Custom PCB Electronic boards, Mostly we have been focusing on Artistic Conference Badges like seen at DefCon and other Local Conferences, but have developed a few IoT specialized boards for customers.

Personally you will find that I am a Father, Husband and tinkerer. A lot of my professional experience falls over to my personal life (or vice verse). You can find my participating in numerous local and national user groups to include SecKC – Security Kansas City (a local security group), KCOHG – Kansas City Open Hardware Group, CCCKC – Cowtown Computer Congress, and HammerSpace – A community workshop. Along with Membership in Local 4 wheel drive clubs, Bowling and Tabletop Gaming groups, or just working around my wood shop and making props or tinkering with my 3d printer. Nationally you can find me at many of the large conventions either attending, volunteering or presenting (Comicon, Defcon, BSides, BlackHat, SharePoint and Microsoft Events).

Continuing with the familiarity of different technology fields and disciplines I have also experience many different job opportunities in my life. After spending a total of 14 years in the military where I served as a Chinook Flight Engineer, Infantryman, and Counter Intelligence Agent. I have held jobs in the civilian world as Sheriffs Deputy, Juvenile Probation Officer, Jailer, Tool and Die Machinist, Carpenter, and Nurse Assistant. All of these leading up to my current career field in IT.

For recreation and to de-stress I love to travel, hike, drive my jeep where other cars wont go, Camp where I can see all the stars on the sky. I am a certified Scuba Diver, Certified Sky Diver, I have raced mountain bikes, raced sail boats, Surf and competitive swam. I have yet to run a marathon, but I am still young.

Recently I have also obtained my Armature Radio License and you can find me Volunteering at events or on the Air as N0HAK.